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Insulation Experts

With the rising cost of energy properly sealing and insulating your home has become even more important. Whether it be your walls, basement or attic Palmer Construction can help provide and install the best product for the job.

Palmer Construction uses Owens Corning insulation because the company’s PINK insulation products have long been synonymous with trusted performance and brand preference. From classic fiberglass batts to blown in insulation for the attic, fiberglass is a cost effective reliable solution.

A very effective inexpensive solution to many large insulation needs from dense packed in open wall cavities to attics. Cellulose becomes even more efficient when paired with foam insulation.

Closed and Open cell spray foams are the ultimate form of insulation not only creating an excellent R-Value per inch but creating an air and moisture barrier. Often more costly than fiberglass or cellulose it can easily be paired with other products to create an extremely comfortable and efficient living space.


There are often rebates to be had for updating your homes insulation. We will help you through the rebate processes.